Fieldens of Todmorden

Todmorden Town Hall, still at the heart of Todmorden


The Town Hall was the focal point of the Reunion in 2016, when visitors from all over the world came to meet up with very distant relatives.

Following the extraordinary General Meeting in Nov 2018, there are some big changes in the Fielden Society.  Look on the Future Events page for more information.

Welcome to The Fielden Society Online

  • What's in a name?

If you or one of your ancestors has the name Fielden, then there may be quite a lot to tell.



  • Why is that?

It is considered that many of the people with the name "Fielden" can actually all trace their ancestors back to the same 2 people in the 16th century. 


  • Where did the name come from?

It can only be guessed that somebody spelt the name "Fielden" that way, rather than the more common form "Fielding", though in fact "Feilden" was also used.  Once it had been spelt that way once, the spelling stuck
(Remember, back in the 16th century, few written records were kept and few people could write.)


  • Where did the name come from?

The first record of the "Fielden" name in this family tree is actually in Sabden, Lancashire, but the name is now more generally associated with Todmorden, in what is now West Yorkshire, England


  • Why is that?

The original "Fielden" family moved to Todmorden around the time of their marriage.  Since it was not common for people to move much those days, most of their descendants stayed in that area.  In one census, around 50% of the population in the hamlet of Walsden, Todmorden were called Fielden.  One man was even called Fielden Fielden?  


  • Were any of the Fieldens famous?

In different ways, members of the Fielden family were significant in the development of the industrial revolution in the UK and the USA.


  • In the USA?

One of the Fielden moved to USA in the 1700s and today many thousands can link their name back to that ancestor.


  • Who are the Fielden Society?

A group of people, mainly with a Fielden ancestor or linked to a Fielden, who wish to keep the history of the family intact for later generations to see.

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