Future Events

Following the decision by the existing Committee to consider winding up the society due to the low level of support, there have been a number of significant moves.  These are summarised below;

Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 24th November 2018 at The Hare and Hounds, Todmorden at 1.30 pm

Present: Beryl Hayes, Sue Sharples, Pauline and Harry Fielden, Shirley Fielden, Patricia Knowles, Maureen Fielden, Rene and Martin Watts, Sylvia and Jeffrey Lofthouse, Margaret Wild, Sally Hinchliffe, Gordon and Nan Fielding, Heather and Douglas Wilson

1. Apologies:

Megan and Derek Richards (Oldham), Eric Knowles, also twelve members have emailed their wish to proceed with the election of Gordon and Sally as officers on the point, their apologies for non attendance are presumed.

2. Minutes of the AGM held 4th July 2018 were approved

3. Matters arising:
Sally Hinchliffe proposed and Shirley Fielden seconded  the election of Gordon Fielding as Chairman and as Secretary of the Society, agreed without dissent.


Gordon Fielding proposed and Shirley Fielden seconded the election of Sally Hinchliffe as Treasurer and as the Membership Secretary of the Society, agreed without dissent.

5.   Correspondence:

Matthew Fielden (London) has emailed to offer support to any new officers of the society.  Douglas reported a letter from Richmond Virginia telling us of Marvel Fielden’s move into assisted care, also information from Teddy Heck of Philadelphia, after enquiry by him on our website, about his ancestor Samuel Bancroft, a  grandson of Abraham Fielden of Todmorden Hall b 1704, which Samuel  established a thriving dyeworks on the River Brandywine, Pa, on an estate named by him Todmorden Hall. 

6.Outgoing chairman Shirley said she was heartened to see the attendance today.  It had been a disappointment to her that despite out efforts we receive so little support within Todmorden.  She had enjoyed her years in office and thanked the other officers and the committee for their hard work and loyal support.

7. Outgoing secretary Douglas said he had been enrolled to assist the original Fielden Homecoming Committee, renamed in 1998 The Fielden Society, where had the years gone? He thanked Heather for her work in effect as assistant secretary, over and above her work as treasurer and the several hundred hours she had given to Friends of Centre Vale Park, now with its Fielden centred trail after a successful Lottery bid.  Douglas had spent many hours with the Town Hall volunteers, unfortunately the lottery bid here had been unsuccessful, Calderdale seek Friends of the Town Hall to support  improvements and development that could so benefit the building and the town.

8.Outgoing treasurer Heather presented her last statement showing we now hold a balance of £367.44.  She and Sally are happy to liaise in January to ensure a smooth transition.  During the ensuing discussion on finance it was agreed the existing arrangements with TSB at Todmorden will remain in place pending transfer to a new account probably conducted on line.

9.In the light of the above the item to discuss winding up the Society was withdrawn.  The committee will continue in place until the next AGM

10.  Incoming Chairman Gordon thanked the members for the confidence placed in both him and Sally to ensure the longevity of the Fielden Society and preserve its original objectives as a hub to interchange information and for members to keep in touch with each other.  Gordon thanked Shirley, the outgoing Chairman and all the outgoing officers of the Committee for their dedication and effort over the last 20 years or more, in maintaining the Society and arranging the successful reunions over that time and hoped that we might have another reunion perhaps in 2020.  He said he and Sally have discussed conducting the society in future by means of a new virtual website where all members would be active participants.  He will investigate further and report.  Meanwhile information about this EGM and other society matters will be posted on our existing website.  It is intended that the continued involvement of members without online access will be secured.

11.  A o b: Douglas recommended as a good read “Northern Stars” published this last week by Laurence Cockcroft, a novel with reliable historical background.  Two children from Lumbutts are imagined as joining a chartist march to London where they are welcomed and befriended by Honest John Fielden.  Available from Todmorden Information Centre, other outlets and on line.

12.  Beryl Hayes proposed a vote of thanks to the officers and committee for their long and able service, agreed without dissent.

13. Next meeting:  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Saturday 11th May 2019 at The Hare and Hounds Todmorden to COMMENCE  AT 1.30pm, preceded by lunch at 12 noon.  It will greatly assist the officers if members notify them by April 30th to indicate attendance at lunch or for the meeting, or to give notice of apology where not attending.



As your new Chairman, I would like to introduce myself to you the members of our family Society.  However, I would first of all like to thank our outgoing Chairman, Shirley , and all the outgoing officers of the Society for their efforts and dedication over the years in preserving the original precepts of our Society, which were :

*  Keeping in touch
*  Hanging on to our roots
*  Feeling part of a growing family
*  Having an interest in the past

They are still as relevant today as they were at the birth of our Society and it was with these in mind that I volunteered my services as
the incoming Chairman and also Secretary. Albeit the outgoing officers have decided to retire, they will remain as members of the Committee until the next AGM, when the Officers for the ensuing year are appointed as usual, and I know I can rely on their continuing support. Of course they will always remain subscribing members our Society ad infinitum.

I would also like to thank our member, Sally Hinchliffe from Kent for stepping up to the plate and volunteering her services as Treasurer
and also Membership Secretary. Of course if any other members decide to join us in the future, we can split these roles again to accommodate them.

Sally and I have discussed how to ease the administrative tasks in the future, and have set a number of objectives. The first of these is
to change our banking facility to an online facility. This will enable members from throughout the world to pay their annual subscriptions on line, reducing cheque payments to a minimum, and combining the records of Treasurer and Membership Secretary into one database. Of course there will be those members with no access to a computer, and we hope to persuade them to set up a standing order to our new bank facility once this is live. Both Sally and Heather ,our outgoing Treasurer will be cooperating on this transition in early 2019, aiming to have the new facility in place before next years subscriptions become due.

On a separate note, I want to develop a new virtual website to enable any member to access our database of information. Our present website has served us well, but is too reliant on both Martin and Rene to keep it updated, a task they have performed well over many years for which I know we are all grateful. The new website will allow you, the members to add new information and up load photo’s from wherever in the world. It will allow you to open up a discussion topic , which other members can contribute to or ask questions, without the need for an administrator to manage the process. It will allow us to publish our Newsletters and minutes of meetings on the website, reducing printing and postage costs.You the members will be able to access the website by a unique password issued to each of you, and you can elect if you wish to be informed by email of any new postings on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

I am pleased that another of our members, Matthew Fielden, from London, has volunteered to assist us in setting up the new website, and after discussions with Matthew, we hope to have a plan in place by the New Year, and hopefully have the format agreed and set in place by perhaps April 2019. Our USA members also have a website and I look forward to having discussions with them to support our new website which will be International in operation, allowing our members from Australia, Africa and other Continents to keep in touch. It is also our wish to encourage the younger generations to develop an interest in their heritage and access their family history for school projects etc. Both Martin and Rene have agreed to maintain our old website to keep you informed , until the new website is live, for which I know All thank them.

But what about those members with no access to computers and no email address ? We value their membership and support over the years and will continue a limited hard copy posting of minutes and announcements wherever possible, but would encourage those members to perhaps recruit their children or grandchildren to receive emails on their behalf to keep the efforts of our unpaid officers to a minimum over future years. Please keep Sally informed of any progress on this to help keep our email list up to date.

Finally, I would like to thank those members who contacted Douglas to register their support for the nominations of myself and Sally at the recent EGM and we both look forward to a long and happy relationship with all our family members, and please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have any comments or queries.

gordon.fielding@ntlworld.com        sally.hinchliffe@btinternet.com

Both Sally and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Gordon Fielding





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