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The Fielden Society is a group of people, mainly with a Fielden ancestor or linked to a Fielden, who wish to keep the history of the Todmorden part of the Fielden family intact for later generations to see.


The seeds of the Fielden Society were sown around 1993, when a Pam and Sam Fielden met with a Keith Fielden in a Todmorden bookshop, where he was delivering copies of his book ‘Caleb's Letters’.   He gave Pam a tree of Sam’s family from a Samuel Fielden 1711-1798 [Old Sam].  This document aroused Pam’s interest and she turned to the local newspaper asking for people with the name Fielden who would be interested in a reunion.  Following Pam’s actions, a meeting of about 40 Fieldens took place at Todmorden Old Hall and the Fielden Society was formed.   Most of the present committee were present at that first meeting.


At about this time interest was growing in America as Fieldens there researched their roots.  At the time Tricia Fielden Knowles was then working in the Council Offices and had many enquiries from America.  One letter was from John R Fielden from Pheonix, Arizona. They corresponded and exchanged information which led to Tricia finding distant cousins from information that John had found around the United States.    


After some initial discussions between the groups in UK and USA, a series of statements were produced which seemed to sum up the reasons for forming a society. They were:-

  • Keeping in touch
  • Hanging on to your roots
  • Feeling part of a growing family
  • Having an interest in the past

They are as relevant today, as they were at the beginning of the society.


The Fieldens, who were descended from Nicholas and Christobel Fielden, lived in Todmorden and Walsden and hardly ever moved.  It was therefore easy to know your relatives when families stayed in the same area for generations.  However at the beginning of the last century pioneers left for America and the Colonies to find a better life.  As travel became easier they began to populate other areas of Britain and the World.


In recent times tracing your roots has become popular.  An interest in past times and your own family's past has led many people to research and travel to places associated with their family.  The Fielden Society has organised events in the past, which have been attended by people from all over the world.



In many ways having a Fielden in your family tree makes it easier for you to trace your roots back to a time when Henry VIIII was on the throne. For a variety of reasons the name Fielden came to be associated closely with the Todmorden area.  The original spelling may have been ffielden but then this changed over time to become Fielden.

At the time when Henry VIII reigned there lived a Jeffrie ffielden a yeoman farmer.  His son James Fielden, also a yeoman farmer, had a daughter Elizabeth and she married her cousin Abraham Fielden.  Abraham was the son of Nicholas Fielden and Christobel Stansfield

Notice how the spelling of the name has changed, not many people could write and names were often miss spelt, depending on the spoken accent.

Therefore with the Lancashire accent emphasizing ‘ding’ rather than ‘den’  The Fielding’s tend to be more prevalent in the Lancashire area. Todmorden is a border town between Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Note... James Fielden inherited from his father Jeffrie ffielden in his will. So it is logical to see how the name changed here. James died in 1595 when his daughter Elizabeth was a baby.



The Society has a number of Annual events. The A.G.M. takes place in July every year at a building closely associated with the Fielden name-Todmorden Old Hall.  There is also a New Year's Dinner held in the past at various venues around the Todmorden area. 

In addition to these Annual events there are other events and outings such as walks and visits organised each year, usually with a link to the past activities of the Fieldens in Todmorden.

( See Calendar for this year's events)



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